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Through Yoga and movement, I hope to facilitate healing as a holistic experience. I encourage reconnection with the body while validating the lived experience with empathy.

Merril Doty

Founder & Instructor, Sacred Sacral

In the practice of Yoga, Reiki, and other holistic practices our bodies as a whole are sacred. But while we often talk of our hearts and our third eyes, we often neglect the elements of ourselves that are deeper, and more challenging to discuss. The sacral area is our source of creative and sexual energy. This combination makes for a potentially taboo conversation that is often neglected for the sake of avoiding discomfort. As an artist, feminist, and sex educator in an age of the #MeToo movement, I think it is more imperative than ever to acknowledge, address, and heal our whole selves. By recognizing and embracing that these energies in all their intertwining and intersectional forms are present within all of us, we can move forward to heal any trauma, become our own greatest ally, and ultimately, thrive in the creative joys we have the potential to manifest.

As a Reiki master with over 15 years of somatically-based educational experience, I have sought to connect the creative potential of these practices to embodied healing. I love seeing the developmental process of all bodies in motion, as well as in the subtle state of rest. By refocusing my teaching practices to sacral energy, I am able to link my political position with my embodied practices. I believe that Reiki yoga, creative movement, and social/political engagement are not irreconcilable entities, but are actually deeply entwined. Through Sacred Sacral, I endeavor to imagine and cultivate new spaces of healing, transformation, and ultimately, experiential empowerment.